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Computing, Robotics, and Imaging for the Surgical Platform

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Table 5 Results from BRS analysis

From: Impact of cardiac surgery on the autonomic cardiovascular function

Parameter Group preOP 1d postOP 7d postOP p value
   mean ± sd p value mean ± sd p value mean ± sd p value  
BRSbrady MVR 8.96±3.25 n.s. 4.89±2.12 <0.05 4.92±3.40 <0.01 <0.001
(in ms/mmHg) AVR 8.44±3.02   6.06±4.41   5.70±3.06   <0.001
  TAVI 9.80±4.63   7.65±3.22   8.67±4.41   n.s.
BRStachy MVR 10.0±3.88 n.s. 5.60±2.91 <0.01 4.46±2.74 <0.001 <0.001
(in ms/mmHg) AVR 8.99±3.44   7.84±3.79   5.92±2.65   <0.001
  TAVI 9.20±3.51   9.71±3.83   9.55±4.04   n.s.
  1. Mean values and standard deviations of BRS parameters. Given p values are results from Kruskal-Wallis tests. The first three p values target transversal comparisons, and the last p value (last column) shows the results of the longitudinal, i.e., within surgical procedure, analysis. Results of transversal post hoc tests are shown in Figure 5). Results of longitudinal post hoc tests are given in Table 4.