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Computing, Robotics, and Imaging for the Surgical Platform

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Figure 2

From: Particle filter-based robust adaptive control for closed-loop administration of sodium nitroprusside

Figure 2

RAC-PF control architecture. Closed-loop architecture. Notation: r (t) reference signal (desired MAP value); C1,…,5 candidate controllers; ε (t) =r (t) - ymeas (t) MAP tracking error; u (t) control signal (drug infusion rate); p0 (t) patient’s underlying MAP; y (t) output MAP; w (t) measurement noise; ymeas (t) measured MAP; π (t) = {π i }i = 1,…,5 probability of the estimated model parameters belonging to the uncertainty subset for which robust controller C i has been designed; σ (t) controller selection signal.

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