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Computing, Robotics, and Imaging for the Surgical Platform

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Figure 2

From: Comparison of automated vs. manual determination of the respiratory variations in the EKG R wave amplitude for the prediction of fluid responsiveness during surgery

Figure 2

A full 10,000-sample (42-s) EKG lead II waveform recording in an illustrative patient. RDIImin and RDIImax were identified for three implied respiratory cycles across a 10,000-sample (42-s) data batch to calculate a total of three EKGvs (EKGv1, EKGv2, EKGv3). The manual measurements of respiratory variations in EKG lead II R wave amplitude were calculated as (RDIImax − RDIImin)/[(RDIImax + RDIImin)/2]. The representative EKGvman was calculated as the median of EKGv1, EKGv2, …, EKGv n .

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